Windows not only ventilate your house by letting in fresh air and sunshine, but also serve as protection against inclement weather like heavy rains and strong winds, and keep out uninvited visitors like pigeons and rats who seek ready shelter in your absence. They also keep out prying eyes and peeping toms!

A few handy tips to keep them in good shape.

Steel windows: A rattling window panel gives neither very soothing music to the ears, nor is it easy on the nerves. Besides, a strong gust of wind could result in a smashing finale! Applying putty to secure the glass panes tight to the frames will put an end to this nerve-jangling ensemble.

Ensure peg stays are functional as they prevent undue damage due to strong wind to window shutters, panels, frames, glass and fingers!

Check for loose nuts and bolts on the handles and screws on the hinges. Tighten them if necessary. The multipurpose spanner in the M. Kit is provided for just such a purpose. Use it!

Aluminium Sliding Windows: Regular cleaning of the channels ensures free and easy movement of the sliding wheels, and saves you from expending extra energy every time you need a breath a fresh air.

External holes in the bottom channels help drain rainwater quickly. Make sure, they’re not clogged with dirt to defeat the purpose. A length of flexible wire of suitable size will be ideal for the job.

During the monsoons, wet patches may form on the inside walls of your room, due to rainwater seeping through gaps between the window sills and the frames. Though this ‘wet look’ is much fancied on Hindi movie heroines, we wonder, if you’ll find it half as appealing on your walls? If you don’t, plug the gaps with M-Seal, any suitable mastic or silicon sealant.

This sealant filling is done on the outside at the junction of the wall and frame. Can be done while standing inside.

Weathering action is likely to shrink the rubber lining that holds the glass firmly in place. This will result in the glass rattling even when the panels are sliding. Don’t experiment; replacement of the lining/ putty is the only remedy.

If you ever have to replace the glass panels, ensure that they are cut to exactly the same measurement as the original. This will prevent any play and ensure noiseless operation.

Keep tracks clean. Ensure that holes provided to drain water are open and functional (Check before monsoon).

Keep window glasses and furniture, clean with “Colin.”

Window locks come in several varieties, depending on the type of window to be protected. Ensure that the locking arrangement is perfect. Windows shutter should not open by itself unless the lock is operated.

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