1. Copper wiring – to check fire hazards.

2. MCB (Miniatures Circuit Breakers)- For additional safety and protection of household appliances.

3. Arrangement for drying clothes in the balcony.

4. ‘Peep Windows’ instead of ‘Peep Eye’-for a better view before opening the main door to strangers.

5. Provision of space for keeping a washing machine, so necessary now.

6. Extra plug points in all the rooms- to facilitate free use of electrical appliances.

7. Elegant and effective door stoppers- to prevent door slams.

8. Specially selected door chain cum latch for effective security.

9. Coat hooks/Towel rings in toilet so often forgotten.

10.Detachable Nahani trap ‘Jallies’- to facilitates cleaning of the traps, not dumping waste into the drains.

11.Anti Cockroach floor trap to prevent cockroaches finding entry into the house through the drains.

12.Extended hinges for windows – easy access to window cleaning.

13.Special night latch -that will not lock you out. One additional key for the main door, and one for the neighbours too.

14.Angular conduits for gas pipes- to prevent dripping down while cleaning the kitchen platform.

15.Common antenna and wiring-to avoid the ugly cluster of antennas on the rooftop.

16.Telephone wiring- for neat and ready service.
17.Loft in the kitchen-so necessary in small houses.

18. Tool-Kit for do- it- yourself maintenance.

19. Trees/ plants in the compound for a greener environment.

20. Kiddies play equipment -to keep little ones busy.

21. Lawn in the campus- for that fresh air and times together.

22. Health Club- for keeping our young and old fit.

23. Dish antenna connection- for more indoor entertainment.

24. Extra capacity water tanks- no more individual storage.

Above facilities are applicable to all new schemes. Some of the facilities may be curtailed at the company’s discretion.

The trade names of the products given in this manual are for guidance only. There are many Products/ Brands in the market, which probably, are equally good. The user can choose any product of his choice.

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