The managing committee of every society has some responsibilities and obligations to fulfill the following jobs and activities are best entrusted to their care.

a) Employment of the Watch and Ward Agency to handle the security of the society premises. It implies keeping a close watch on the movements of outsiders and keeping unwanted elements at bay. Furthermore, ensure that the security people run personal errands life washing cars, fetching the groceries, minding pets etc. It greatly effects their efficient functioning and is to be firmly discouraged.

b) Attending to the cleanliness of the area by employing sweepers and providing a few trash cans in suitable places to avoid littering in compounds and gardens. Avoid pooling of water in society premises, which leads to breeding of mosquitos.

c)Regulating the water supply to all flat owners. A few points are suggested:

Detail a regular pump attendant to start and stop operation daily over a predetermined time e.g. two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening or as required and to switch off the pump when the overhead tanks overflow.

Ensure that water supply valves to the building are operated / regulated only by authorised persons.

Install a stand-by pump well connected to underground tank to operate in case of main pump failure.

d) Ascertaining if bore well water is potable. If it is mixed with the municipal supply in the existing underground tank, send a circular to all members, advising them to boil water before consumption.

e) Monitoring the electric Supply, by ensuring that no unauthorized power is trapped from the meter rooms. For general purposes like floor polishing of common areas like passages or lighting on terraces for weddings/parties etc., tap from common meters with the help of electrician.

f) Appointment of a regular licensed electric sub agency nearest to the society who can attend to maintenance/repair at short notice.

g) Prohibiting individual flat owners from altering or taking unauthorized electric supply connections to their flat.

h) Protection of meter room/area against any tampering by any unauthorized personnel. Keep it always under lock and key.

i) Not allowing children free access to the meter rooms, pump rooms, sub-stations/transformers. Manholes should be covered when not being attended to. Children with their naturally curious and inquiring minds are bound to explore and get themselves into serious trouble.

j) Periodic Collection of suitable maintenance from flat owners to be credited into the maintain accounts.

k) Maintaining elevators in working condition. Sign a comprehensive maintenence contract with a reputed agency with good reference. Be sure to check out with the references the quality of service offered. Your neighboring society could be of considerable held in this regard.

Keep / Appoint manager who knows about civil maintenance. Keep first aid box for immediate medical treatment. It is advisable to appoint Doctor on retainership basis to attend to night emergency calls.

It is strongly recommended to keep telephone number of important services (pasted at important places.) like Police, Fire, nearby Hospitals, Ambulance and so also of AMC agencies like Pump Operator, Liftman etc for unwarranted emergencies.

l) Hold periodic meetings amongst members of the society to meet, discuss, understand and SOLVE problems. Don’t just ‘thrash’ them out.

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