In order to maintain your flat, we thought it fit to equip you with a ‘Maintenance Kit’ (M. Kit)’ containing the following:

SM. Kit is supplied to our customers free of cost.

Nylon washers – For cold water tap leakage.

Fiber Washers – For hot water tap leakage.

Sink cleaner (phirol brand) – To clear choked sinks.

Drainex (50 gm packet) – To clear blocked drains (one time use pack)

A block of sponge – To clean sinks,wash-basins etc.

A cake of ‘ VIM ‘ bar / ‘Robin’ bottle detergent.

Spanner – To loosen and tighten the nuts on taps, commode seat.

A packet of 125gm ‘ Flush Kleen’ – A continuous cleaning Powder which cleans Commodes.

A packet of 50gm M-Seal epoxy putty to plug holes/ cracks – To Prevent Leakage in plumbing fittings/furniture.

Two screw drives with insulated handle – 12 cm and 15 cm long.

A packet different sizes of screws – To use instead of nails on the wall.

A packet of grip plugs ( rawal plugs) – To hold screws firmly in place.

Jumping bits/ holder – For making holes in the walls/ Hand Auger. Use small drilling machine instead, if possible.

One hammer – To drive in jumping bit.

Multipurpose oil can – For oiling hinges etc.

Electricians Plier cum Cutter – 15 cm long.

Window panel pins – For fitting glass in position.

Wrench – To open tap nuts / WHB bottle trap.

Insulation tape ( 1 roll) – To cover up open or damage wire.

Spout cleaning rod / wire – For cleaning choked balcony spouts.

Colin, Bang -To clean various surfaces.

First Aid medical box – We wish you do not have to use it.

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