a) Keep your silk clothes in paper packing, not in plastic packaging or metal/wood enclosures. Keep naphthalene balls/ chandan sachets in your clothes, cupboards.

b) Keep your silverware clean with “COLGATE Toothpaste”. Clean the gold jewelry with tamarind and shikekai water. (Soak it in this water for sometime)

c) Keep cloves in your book’s cupboard. Cloves can also be kept in the leaves of big books. This will protect the books/ documents from insect/ termites. Boric Powder also does the same job. Look after your important documents also in this way.

d) Use insect repellants, mosquito repellants. Get pest control done for entire house regularly. (At least once a year) This will keep general health of your house and family members intact. Please remember that mosquito species causing dengue and chikun gunia breed on clean water and bite during daytime. (General habit is of using mosquito repellants in the night) Avoid storing water and / or keeping it open. Keeping tin of “Mortein” at home, will also help in killing mosquitos and cockroaches.

e) After cleaning glass tables, glass partitions and glass window- door panes with Colin (Liquid available in the market) or water, wipe with paper or lint free cloth for drying.

f) Prefer LPG gas or solar power for water heating. Electric heating cost is 2.5 times more than cost of heating with LPG. Take care that there is adequate ventilation in room in which this LPG gas heater is kept. Provide exhaust fan.

g) Use phenyl in water for cleaning floors and toilets.

h) Keep pesticides/medicines away from hands of small children.

I) Use pest control methods every year. Clean your entire house (all nooks and corners) every month or at least bimonthly.

j) Dispose off unwanted clothes, magazines, newspapers, and plastic materials in time.

k) Dispose off cosmetics, medicines, food materials after expiry dates.

l) To have an inverter or power backup at home. This is essential to have your seniors and children safe in case of power failures.


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