A clean floor is not only good to look at but very much desirable in view of good hygiene and safety. This entails floors in every room to be swept and swabbed daily to get rid of dust, dirt, stains, and grit. This will prevent your floors from loosing their luster and developing a rough and dull surface with the passage of time.

Floors don’t take very kindly to dragging of heavy furniture or other items especially those with metal bases. Shift such articles, by lifting them completely off the floor, or after inserting some suitable padding like a pack of newspaper or rubber sheeting between the supports and the flooring if they are too heavy to be carried.

Direct contact with iron / steel articles (flower-pot stands) for prolonged periods of time can leave permanent rust stains on the floor. Use appropriate plastic / rubber / paper sheeting or mats to place such articles on.

Flooring of Ceramic tiles / vitrified tiles is virtually maintenance free, requires only dusting and moist cloth wiping /mopping.

Cleaning with acid or wire brushes is the best way to damage your flooring, so avoid it totally. Use vacuum cleaner for floor cleaning instead of detergent. Use of “Bang” liquid shall help you remove stubborn stains like hard water and rust stains. An effective and inexpensive remedy is a mixture of two spoonfuls of kerosene to a bucket of water to mop the floor. This will help your floors retain their shine with the added bonus of keeping cockroaches at bay.

Wipe off water that has fallen on the floor by mistake. You /seniors at home/ children may skid and fall. Damage level could be high in case of seniors.

Take precautions to keep floors (specially in bath /toilet) free of oil, grease and soap – water. Getting ‘floored’ is not a pleasant experience for most of the people particularly the old folks at home.

Use of antiskid doormats on the main entrance and for every bath or toilet entrance is highly advisable, as it discourages excessive dirt and dampness and prevents one from falling.

The skirting / dado is as much part of flooring as of the wall. Similar care and treatment is needed.




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