Dos and don’ts for Elevator users.

When you approach the elevator:

  • Know your destination. If you want to go UP, Press the Up Arrow switch. If you want to go DOWN press the Down Arrow switch. Do not bother where the lift is.
  • Stand aside for existing passengers, to disembark.
  • Wait for the next turn, if the lift is full. Don’t travel as an overload.
  • Incase of fire, use the stairs. DO NOT USE LIFT DURING FIRE.
  • Don’t try to stop a closing door. Wait for the next turn. When you enter and leave the elevator:
  • Enter and exit carefully. Step up or down if the elevator floor and landing passage floor are not in same level.
  • Hold children firmly.
  • Stand clear of the doors keep clothes and carry ones away from the opening.
  • Push and hold the DOOR OPEN (2 arrows pointing away from each other < >) button if doors need to be held open,or ask someone to push the button for you.

When riding on the elevator:

  • Stand next to the elevator wall.’
  • Hold the handrail if available.
  • Pay attention to the floor indications.
  • Do not scratch on the cabin walls or on doors.
  • If the doors do not open when the elevator stops, push the DOOR OPEN button.

When the elevator stalls between floors:

  • Don’t panic. Take few deep breaths. There is plenty of oxygen in the lift car.
  • Contact the outside world. Every elevator has an alarm button and an intercom or phone.
  • Stay put. Never to open the doors. Wait until a qualified mechanic or rescue personnel comes to your aid.

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