The electric supply in your flat/bungalow is carefully laid out and well regulated with its system of in built controls. Do not attempt to tap extra points in an erratic manner and endanger the designed grouping. In case, you have a genuine need for an extra point, seek professional advice.

A few safety precautions are essential to prevent shocks, short-circuits and electrical fire hazards..

Replace blown fuses with the exact rated value. Failure to do so, could result in frequent replacements of fuse elements, if it is underrated or serious, irreparable damage to sensitive electrical apparatus, if its overrated.
Irons, ovens, electric cookers, toasters, etc., are to be used with proper three-pin sockets with earth connections. This prevents the electric supply from mistaking you as part of the circuitry, in case of a short circuit! It is sensible to get the earthing checked annually by a qualified electrician for continuity and effectiveness.

Use of a voltage stabiliser with sensitive electrical apparatus like refrigerators, TVs, videos, hi-fi players etc., is highly desirable in view of frequent voltage fluctuations and spikes that plague our power supply.

Refrain from attempting even minor replacement or repaid jobs, like changing bulbs, starters, fuses with the switch in ‘on’ position.

Warn and dissuade children from playing with socket outlets. Needless to say, fingers or metal objects inserted into the sockets could give the innocent infants a nasty and sometimes even fetal shock.

Steer clear of the temptation to use bucket water heaters with naked heating coils for quicker heating. Think of your unsuspecting kid or housemaid who may decide to use their hands as thermometers to check the bath water. Severe burns and shock or death could be the result of this perilous experiment.

At the risk of sounding repetitive and overcautious, switch off the Mains when undertaking any repair work, even when painting or distempering the walls. It would be a safe idea to do the same when you are likely to be away from home on a vacation or business trip for a few days.

Inserting loose wire ends (without a proper plug connector) for temporary connection is a crude practice fraught with dangers. Besides sparking and other electrical hazards, loose wire lying about on the floor, may take dear old granny completely by surprise and lead to a serious accident. How do you expect to earn her blessings that way?

We have provided power switches with a built-in red lamp indicator for the ‘ON’ position. Treat this as a cautionary measure. Make certain that it is not lit when undertaking electrical repairs (you can never be too careful, you know?)

Discourage children from flying kites in the close vicinity of overhead high tension cables. A wet thread and bamboo pole could prove fatal.

Tube lights with electronic chokes are preferable to bulbs for general lighting as they consume minimum power, provide maximum illumination and have an average life span of 5,000 to 7,000 hours.

Tube : When it shows signs of blackening at its extremes or flickers, its end is nigh. Make arrangements for a new one. To replace, first switch off the supply and replace it with new one.

Life of backup batteries of invertors are normally for 3 years. They are to be changed when back up reduces to about ½ hour charge.

If you suspect your electric billing, lodge a complaint with your nearest MSEB office and hope for the best with patience.


Do not use wet hands/ wet cloth while operating / cleaning electric switches and appliances.

Have a rubber mat/ wooden board to stand on, as it protects from electric shock.

Have passages and bathrooms well lit. Generally seniors fall as they do not see properly in dim light and misjudge footsteps.

Photo electric or motion detector security lights on the exterior of the house. Photoelectric lights turn on at dusk and off at dawn. Motion detector lights turn on whenever motion is sensed in the light’s range. Usually one in the front and one in the rear is sufficient. Depending on coverage, though, you may want to light the side yard(s). These devices save power and are recommended if you want to help reduce earth warming.

Make reference to Global warming stress on saving power/ AC etc help reduce bills and helps in green movement. Electric cloth driers are a big drain on electricity. Put habit of drying clothes naturally. Operate washing machines with full load of clothes. Part loads waste power.

We all can, in our own way, help in reducing green house gases. Help reduce consumption and also make maid servants & security guard aware of power saving. Get into habits of switching off TVs, DVDs, Computers etc completely instead of keeping these gadgets on sleeping mode. When moving out of room, switch off lights & fans.

Air conditioning: recommended temperature is 240 – 260 C. It is necessary to admit fresh air in the room by keeping doors open or using exhaust fan. Locate and reduce heat sources in the room. A stabilizer or chokes of tube lights are some examples. ACs use 6 times more power. As far as possible use fans.

Kitchen mixer, food processors toasters, ovens, Hotplates, iron, ACs: These appliances have thermal protection. See that the thermal protection is working so as to minimize on electric bills. Read operation manuals of all the appliance carefully. Do not allow more ice accumulated in fridge, defrost it at regular intervals.

Fans: Use electronic speed regulators.

Electrically Bills Switch of all lights fans fridge TV etc. check if meter has stopped registering. If it continues registering, it means there is leakage in the wiring. Call an electrician and correct the wiring.

Read the meter once a week to note any abnormal registration for consumption.

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