When we purchase a vehicle, we are given a  Manual which gives us tips on use and maintenance of the machine. We also receive a tool kit to enable us to undertake minor maintenance. Why shouldn’t we have the same thing for our house, which probably costs much more than a vehicle? We can afford to change our vehicle, where as our house is supposed to last for a lifetime or even more.

Based on this concept, we developed, and brought in, Maintenance Manual & Maintenance Kit, first time for you, somewhere in August 1993, which is given free to our flat buyers.

Lot of new materials have come in the market since then. The houses are now more energy oriented and safety and security driven.

This necessitated that we should bring in the revised copy of manual, which addresses additional chapters on electrical appliances and gadgets, on safety and security, elevators etc. First Aid Medical box has also been added.

We are proud to bring before you the revised maintenance manual and modified maintenance kit to make your life more pleasant and comfortable.