TDR (Transfer of Development rights) for Development Works! It is a good concept, which PMC is adopting. It. is like a barter system. You give me Good Quality Development, and I give you TDR instead of hard cash. It is step towards Public-Private partnership.

But tendering for development work, and awarding work to lowest, will create big problem. As always, policy is laudable. Proper implementation requires critical thinking. Condition of roads today is very pathetic. Main culprit is tendering system. Because of low quoting and corruption, the required quality is not achieved. How one can expect Good Quality at cheap (lowest) rates?

And by tendering, PMC will be inviting contractors, who have limited capacity. They want to be paid regularly, to keep the tempo going. They are not in a position to invest and block large sums. Moreover, expecting 10 years Guarantee and/or service from the contractor is almost impossible. Contractors will again going sell TDR to Builders.

Builders are a different creed. They have capacity to sustain large investments. They sell in the market by their reputation. They can easily maintain services for 10 years Guarantee. Builders will construct such roads, which will help them in creating infrastructure for their large projects in the vicinity. They are bound to give Quality job, as this will give them good name in the society. Also they will be able to reap handsome dividends in their main project. Even if they slightly loose in development work, they will be able to make much more in their main project. Besides, they are the end-users of TDR.

If we really want to see that this TDR-for-Development concept works, we will have to abandon tendering system and abandon awarding work to lowest bidder. Estimates, of creating development work, could be made on PWD standard schedule of rates, add reasonable contractor’s profit. Against these expenses, TDR equivalent (of the place where TDR is used) worked out on ready beckoner prices could be given to the concerned Builder.

To ensure that the Builder maintains (parameters well defined) the developed facility for 10 years, make it mandatory for Builder to display his name at prominent place of development. In addition he could be given rights to display his name there, may be like “This Road (or any facility, for that matter) is Constructed and maintained by “M/S ABC Builders” etc.

It is advisable for PMC, to take little more time on planning and bring the concept policy giving detailed and well-defined specifications and Amenities, before jumping in the fray in haste. Objective is simple that city gets Qualitative Development, befitting our city’s stature and expectations. No trial & error method this time!

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