President – PCERF

Construction industry is going through its Boom, never seen before. Many Multi Nationals are here, and still coming. Quality of construction, as well as speed of construction has to match with the demand, and compete with Global standards.

Anyone in construction industry will agree, that construction is not a smooth sailing profession. Projects are being constructed on age – old practices or borrowed concepts without any in-depth study as to suitability of materials and methods to Indian / local conditions.

Other industries like automobile, mechanical, electrical and electronics industries have years of R & D behind them. All medium and large players have their in-house R & D. Large and dedicated funds are allocated for R & D. But with the construction industry, It is just not existing.

Construction industry has many inherent problems, which pour-in as complaints in newspapers, day in and day out, and also to Grievances committee at PBAP. Leakages, seepages and dampness are common sights everywhere. Bulging of tiles, inadequate water supply, chocking of drainage lines and storm water drains, high consumption of electric power, replacement of natural sand with crushed sand, safety and security devices, all need looking into. Road conditions, in Pune, have become another sore point. All Because of lack of proper R & D. There is no consistent Effort to go in-depth of these problems and solve them. Tall buildings, shortly coming to Pune will need further close attention. If proper methods are not adopted, it will give more problems and new headaches. Constructing high, without proper thought, will also result in very high consumption of water and power, which are in short supply, expensive, and which one would like to conserve.

Pune is considered Pensioner’s Paradise. May be nor more. But still Pune has many Senior and retired Engineers living here. They have unmatched experience and tremendous potential, which goes waste and need to be tapped. These Senior Engineers are more than willing to contribute, in their profession and for their city. They only lack in having infrastructure and basic facilities to be of use.

Pune Construction Research Foundation (PCERF) has decided to urgently tap experience and knowledge of these wise senior engineers. PCERF has already taken steps to form Intellectual Forum and make basic conducive facilities like secretarial, Steno, Computer and Typist, Internet available to them. They will be provided with transport or will be reimbursed with conveyance charges. They will be paid suitable honorarium for their services. Construction sites will be made available to them, where they could conduct their experiments. And all the work they can do at their convenient time to suit their other regimes and health conditions. Constructive work will help them overcome loneliness and enjoy better health. Working and keeping themselves busy will also help them to overcome common old age complaints like “Parkinson’s” and Alzhmieirs”. Intellectual people will get intellectual company in the Forum.

Construction houses, who are not able to pursue R & D because of shortage of Manpower, or for consideration of huge expenses, can take advantage of this forum and get their problems solved economically, and achieve perfection in their business. They will be able to serve their clients (flats / unit purchasers) more confidently and without complaints. Associations, especially PBAP can do a lot for their members by approaching PCERF with their common problems. The findings and report will be prepared diligently and honestly, without any bias or influence, and will be kept confidential only for exclusive use of the intending association and construction houses.

The problems, facing city, can also be referred to this Forum.

We at PCERF, seek your full support and participation and involvement with the Intellectual Forum.

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