What sort of democracy are we having?

Voice of common man is not heard. And when important man, or the person who matters, speaks, he is suppressed, with threats of action and expulsion from the party. This is what happened to Ms Uma Bharati, when she dared to talk against her leaders. The same thing is probably going to happen to Ms Shalinitai Patil, when she gave her mind strongly and positively against quota/ reservations system (Refer TOI Mumbai, dated 24th May ’06). The UPA Govt. is bent upon bringing the most unfortunate and, controversial legislation, just to appease OBCs, and get their votes.

Shalinitai has talked sense, giving reasons for not favoring reservations in colleges, and else where. She should be praised and patted on her back for her valuable and thought provoking reasons. I agree with her hundred percent.

As per Indian constitution, we say, we are all equal. Then why this rift and reservations? Why are we dividing country on caste and creed basis? English people had a policy, to divide and rule. The Congress Govt. has probably mastered this lesson, and is systematically destroying our cohesive structure. It is creating unequality and hatred among people. Country will greatly suffer with this or similar legislations.

Increasing seats is no solution either. If Student with 95% marks, and another with 35% marks, study together, then at what level should the Professor teach? Given the task, he will try to teach at mid level. Result, both the students will not follow. The whole Standard will fall down. We are only talking on Global level, but we cannot practice Global.

It is true that OBCs have to come to the main stream. They also must get almost equal rights. But reservations are no answer. Give them books free. Slash down fees in their case considerably. Give them some handicap; say 5- 10 marks in total. Then let them compete. This way they will get help, and still the standard of education (or jobs) will be maintained. This practice was being followed in Engineering Colleges. If one had passed Drawing examination, he will get 5 marks added to his total marks. One also used to get 5 marks extra, if he had served in NCC, or represented college in Sports, and so on. Some similar system could be evolved, and handicap given to OBCs.

But for God’s sake, Please do not divide the Country, only for votes sake. And do not compromise principles for short gain. And do not scuffle voice of our seniors like Ms Shalinitai Patil.

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