– by K P Baney

Mathadi Workers or persons posing as Mathadi Workers have become big headache. They come in groups to new establishments, which are setting up their shop, and demand unreasonable amounts for unloading their trucks, bringing materials from outside. When refused, they show their muscle. They do not allow unit’s own labour to unload. They ask for unreasonably very high amounts like Rs 20,000 or so for unloading one truck load. On refusal, they sit around the truck.

Owner has to either pay the demanded amount, or truck driver takes back the truck without unloading. Both ways, heavy losses are incurred by these units.

Strict check must be kept on persons posing as Mathadi Workers, and harassing technocrats and extorting big amounts.
There is no shortage of labour nowadays. Labour does not require protection anymore. The Mathadi act needs to be repealed.

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