– By K P Baney

Bob, the builder was a happy builder. Even though not a very large establishment, he had sufficient good works to his credit. He valued quality and believed in giving value for money to his flat purchasers.

As is common with builders, he was being harassed once-in-a while by anti-social elements. He was literally shocked when one day 10 goons gheraoed him in his office and accused him of some shady land deals. He was challenged repeatedly and asked to show them original papers. It then dawned on him that goons had come to take away his original land papers.

For a builder, original land documents are a valuable treasure. He invests huge amounts, his own funds as well as borrowed funds, in land deals. And if he does not safeguard and take care of his land documents properly then how can he prove his legal title, his ownership to these lands?

Even if goons do not come along looking for documents, as it happened in Bob’s case; documents and other precious files could be damaged by negligent staff. Papers could be torn or not filed back properly. Files could be tampered with and / or stolen by unsatisfied employees or competitor’s planted agents. Files could be damaged by termites, seepage, or fire or simply by frequent handling; by various people in the office.

So how do we ensure ourselves against all this? Modern technology in its simplest form can help – and help without special skills and a programming class to take. Original documents and files can now easily be saved to CD. Once a couple of CDs are made, original files can safely be tucked away in bank or private lockers. A CD will enable one to search for a particular document, view it on screen or print it, If required. CDs can be made available in various offices of a builder. A couple of CDs can be stored in another city to safeguard even against earthquake, cyclone or any other natural calamities. Just as large corporations protect themselves by planning for, and investing in Disaster Management and Crisis Control, you can do so for your most precious investments.

  • Websym Technologies has ready software to make this task of safe-guarding your documents easy and simple. In fact this was the company that helped Bob prevent the scenario above and protect his investment.
  • Websym (Pune based company- e-mail: info@websym.com) has developed a document “management system” that will assist a typical builder to manage the documents that are normally filed as physical documents in box files. The software developed enables the user to search for various categories of documents depending on the user defined search criteria. Documents are scanned as bitmap images and then converted to Acrobat (pdf) format. A database keeps track of critical fields like date of creation of a document, type of document, name of the client and other essentials that are used to search a particular document.

It is wise to save original files on CD and be peaceful as Bob the builder always was.


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