Take any Election. Most of educated persons do not bother to go for voting. May be they keep themselves away from (dirty) politics, as they put it. May be they think it is waste of time standing in queue, as their vote is really not going to make any difference. Many persons do not even bother to check their names in the voters-list. They show total apathy, distrust and indifference towards voting process. They get chance, to elect right persons, which they willingly forgo. And yet they cry fowl, and blame the Government when any thing is not to their liking.

On the other hand, people in slumps, people in minority, who have lesser means, they religiously vote. They create large and trusted voting bank. The person, who gets elected, naturally will look to their difficulties, because they have voted for them. They get more facilities like water, toilets, protection- against- eviction (Nothing wrong to that). The elected person becomes their Godfather. They get support from the elected candidates, for hawking on road, selling Liquor, selling drugs, gambling, and things like that, which always may not be hygienic or lawful. Thus they are appeased and favoured at every occasion. This also is the reason probably for increment in slums, and unplanned development.

Talking with a few candidates, who were in fray in Municipal elections, gives an impression that they would have liked to get elected with support of educated people. This will give them status and chance to work in systematic way. But since they do not get required support from this class of people, they have to, as necessity, depend on support from the slumps, and appease them too. Why not? They get them elected.

Things will only change, if educated people leave apathy, and take out time, and vote religiously. Educated class must vote, or they leave complaining about wrong people in Politics, or call Politics as dirty, for that matter.

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